Your Support at Work

Part of our mission is to secure financial support for specific classroom resources and learning opportunities that are beyond the school district’s budget.

Since 2019, FEEP has approved over $56,500 in grants that have enriched the educational experience of the students in the Faribault school district. The grants helped students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), literacy, robotics, and cultural awareness.

Past Projects Funded by FEEP Grants

Microscope Cameras


Two microscope cameras that will allow teachers to project onto the screen a live image of what students are looking for under the microscope.

Patrick Sexton (Middle School)

Phy Ed


30 scooters for the Physical Education program, which will allow all students to have a scooter during the scooter unit.  By working with scooters, students can work on and enhance their self-control and amplify their muscular endurance.

Matt Knutson (Jefferson Elementary)

Laptops and Cameras


The ALC is upgrading its technology to make instruction and learning more interactive, engaging, experiential, and authentic.  The FEEP grant will provide three additional laptops and two digital SLR cameras.

Tim Allison (Area Learning Center)

Seat Sacks
& Headphones


24 Seatsacks to help students organize their materials, papers, etc., to go home.

Set of 12 Headphones for each of the four first-grade classrooms to be available for students who are not able to purchase their own headphones as part of the school supplies at the beginning of the year and will be available if purchased headphones break during the year and students are unable to get a replacement.

Eryn Harmon (Jefferson Elementary)



Toys that will enhance the play areas in the all-day preschool classes.  Children learn best through pay.  They can learn communication, social-emotional, and cognitive skills and learn about experiences around them. The toys will make the pretend play centers more inviting for students and provide enough supplies for children to interact.

Sheryl Tinaglia (Early Childhood)



A green screen background and portable photography lighting with an adjustable tripod stand and color filters to expand the school’s news and video-making capabilities.  Students can create their own videos, reader’s theater productions, schoolwide poetry slam, and music performances, which could be shared with the rest of the school, their families, and the greater community.

Kelly Jensen (Lincoln)