Scholarships & Programs

The Falcon Fund

One facet of the Trust Association is awarding scholarships to graduating Faribault High School students and supporting classroom programs. For the 2023 year the Trust Association awarded $121,000 dollars in scholarships. These awards range in amounts from $500 to $10,000. Each scholarship recipient is screened after completion of an application. A committee from the Board of Directors is responsible for screening and reviewing all applications. Recipients of scholarships are eligible if attending a Community College, Junior College or 4-year College or University.


Teachers and staff were eligible to apply for grants to implement classroom projects through the Falcon Educational Enrichment Program (FEEP). FEEP has awarded classroom teachers just over $29,000 in grants for classroom projects across the district with the expectation that this facet of FAPSETA will grow. FEEP is governed through a separate operating committee under the purview of the FAPSETA Board of Directors.

2023 Faribault HS Senior Awards Night

2023 Faribault High School Senior Awards Night

The David

Tamara Thayer (Presenter) & Mackenzie Miner (Recipient)

The David Thayer Scholarship: Tamara Thayer & Mackenzie Miner

James B. and R. Lorraine Warren Scholarship

Kristen Samsel (Presenter) & Emanuel Panser and Sabriin Ahmed Mustafa (Recipients)

James B. and R. Lorraine Warren Scholarship: Kristen Samsel, Emanuel Panser & Sabriin Ahmed Mustafa

Dr. Roy and Roberta Anderson Family Scholarship

Dr. Roy Anderso (Presenter) &
Josephine LaCanne (Recipient)

Dr. Roy and Roberta Anderson Family Scholarship: Dr. Roy Anderson & Josephine LaCanne

Fleckenstein Scholarship

Al Fleckenstein (Presenter) &
Masbal Noor (Recipient)

Fleckenstein Scholarship: Al Fleckenstein & Masbal Noor

Jared Sully Legacy Scholarship

Linda and Jeff Selly (Presenters) &
Ricky Cordova (Recipient)

Jared Sully Legacy Scholarship: Linda and Jeff Selly & Ricky Cordov

Kristian Robicheau "Roby" Scholarship

Jerry Robicheau and Lexi Robicheau (Presenters) & Jaevin Salazar (Recipient)

Kristian Robicheau "Roby" Scholarship: Jerry Robicheau, Lexi Robicheau & Jaevin Salazar

Jim Tetzloff Memorial Scholarship

Brent Peroutka (Presenter) &
Ian Ehlers (Recipient)

Jim Tetzloff Memorial Scholarship: Brent Peroutka & Ian Ehlers

School Board Leadership Scholarship

John Bellingham (Presenter) &
Trent Ta (Recipient)

 Faribault School Board Leadership Scholarship: John Bellingham & Trent T

Berge Family Healthcare and Educator Scholarship

Rick Berge (Presenter) &
Abigail Brien & Grace Yetzer (Recipients)

Berge Family Healthcare and Educator Scholarship: Rick Berge, Abigail Brien & Grace Yetzer

Faribault Transportation and Minnesota Coaches Scholarships

Garrett Regan (Presenter) & Owen Whitney, Tanner Yochum & Lauren Meier (Recipients)

Faribault Transportation/Minnesota Coaches Scholarships: Garrett Regan, Owen Whitney, Tanner Yochum & Lauren Meier

FAPSETA Scholarships

Brent Peroutka (Presenter) & Multiple Recipients

FAPSETA Scholarships: Brent Peroutka & Multiple Recipients